is an agricultural trading and production company, with offices based in Singapore and Papua New Guinea.

Our key business is the trading and procurement of agriculture export comes from coffee, cocoa, palm oil, kernels, and coconuts (copra). Other export commodities include Dried Sea Cucumber, Timber, tea, cardamom, rubber, chillies and pyrethrum.

We specialises in Distribution, Procurement and Sourcing of Agro-Commodities and FMCG products.

Our company is very much focused around corporate social responsibility, operating in a sustainable and responsible manner, creating education and opportunity for farmers, and co-ops alike.

With our extensive expertise over the years of experience. The company has built a solid trust and reliable relationship with our partners.
  • We are a purpose driven entity aligned with strategies and objectives, providing good quality products at the best competitive prices.

  • We are committed to providing global markets with the very best quality products and services.

  • Our main strengths are the strong partnerships that we have established through our diverse suppliers from Asia and Far East to our international partners.
  • Our Values

    At ALPHABLUE SG, we understand that to succeed in a continually evolving business, we need to always remember who we are:
  • industrious
  • open
  • transparent
  • .
    Our achievements have also been forged from an equitable and engaging relationship with our consumers and employees.
    These sets of beliefs and our ability to adapt to changing market trends underpin our values and guide us in the conduct of our daily business.

    Our Vision

    To be the providing brands of choice to our partners and business sectors across the globe to fulfil a growing demand of products at affordable prices.

    Our Mission

    At ALPHABLUE SG , our mission is based on five essential pillars. They are as follows:
    • To offer consumers high-quality products at affordable prices, while keeping up-to-date with global and local consumption trends.
    • To meet and exceed the demands of our customers for innovative, flexible, and cost-effective solutions.
    • To achieve sustainable growth through expanding and solidifying our own brands in the markets in which we operate.
    • To contribute to the communities in which are present by participating in the growth of small retailers, creating jobs for the local workforce, and conducting targeted corporate social investments.
    • To live by a strong set of values that underpin the way in which we conduct our daily business and engage with our employees and partners.

    Our operations in Papua New Guinea

    To meet the growing demand of the Guinean markets for diverse products and countries need.

    At ALPHABLUE SG continuously develops its business models to cater to the different and changing needs, lifestyles of our customers in general.

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